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Is your business in crisis?

Calm the storm raging around you with fast, creative solutions to ugly business problems.

Crisis Management

Bring order to the madness and keep your business running. Find creative solutions to what’s wrong, determine what’s worth saving and how it all will happen.

Bankruptcy & Receivership

Protect your assets with confidence. We troubleshoot problems and prioritize actions so owners, attorneys and the courts can make the best bankruptcy and receivership decisions.

Certified Fraud Examiner

Suspect theft or fraud, or simply want make it less likely? Discover what happened, then explain it to your board, attorneys or the court. And prevent it in the future.

Competitive Agility

When your team is flying blind and working at cross purposes, focus them on what’s most important to the business long-term. Boost their ability to deal with today’s problems, too.

It's About Business Survival

Without Craig’s expert knowledge of the intricacies of bankruptcy, we would not have survived as a business. He’s a problem solver who is also compassionate in his approach.

~ Bruce Bell, Owner, ABQ Manufacturing Powder Coating

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Craig is ready to talk with you about your unique situation and goals.

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