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Crisis Management & Remediation

Pandemic. Recession. Bankruptcy. Have a messy financial situation you can’t fix? Need assistance applying for a PPP, EIDL or other emergency loan or understanding how forgiveness works?

Rapid business remediation evaluates what’s wrong, what’s worth saving and how it will happen.

Craig Dill & Associates brings order to the madness and keeps your businesses running by finding creative solutions to ugly problems. We keep owners and managers focused on survival – because you may be too close to see the big picture. Our goal is to stabilize your business operations with a 90-day plan until you’re back on solid ground.

You benefit from:

  • Prioritization of urgent problems vs. those that can wait
  • Simplification of complex systems
  • Laser focus on the important issues – the ones that will kill a business quickly
  • 30 years of experience with clients in a range of sizes and industries
  • Knowing the appropriate use of bankruptcy protections

Understanding the financial side and the people side of companies, and special skills in quickly triaging problems, allows us to help you make the hard choices.

Craig Dill has been instrumental in our survival as a business. He’s a problem solver who is also compassionate in his approach. Because of his expertise, we've navigated a few crisis situations, including coming through the recession of 2008 by renegotiating leases and liquidating equipment. And without Craig’s expert knowledge of the intricacies of bankruptcy, we would not have survived as a business. I highly recommend him, even if you just want to talk about your business and how to improve it. ~ Bruce Bell, Owner, ABQ Manufacturing Powder Coating

Certified Fraud Examination

Do you suspect theft or fraud, even from a trusted partner or employee? Simply want to ensure that theft will be less likely?

No one ever thinks they’ll be ripped off. Setting up good systems is one way to prevent theft. A Certified Fraud Examiner can help you do just that.

But even if you anticipate problems, you just never know. A CFE can find out what happened. And then explain it to an insurance company, judge and jury.

Craig Dill will quickly – often in just one day:

  • Look at how well your financial systems are working
  • Evaluate controls and methods to identify and prevent fraud
  • Implement them

Why us? No large overhead like the accounting firms. We’re faster and less expensive for the exact same high level of professionalism, knowledge and skill in fraud examination and prevention. And if you’re an attorney or a company in receivership, we have significant courtroom experience presenting evidence and testimony.

Brought in to verify fraud at a medical practice, Craig Dill & Associates documented theft by a trusted employee, proved it in court and got a doctor back on track toward his five-year plan.

Competitive Agility

Focus on the Future, Stay Nimble for Today

Competitive Agility ensures that your team is pulling in the same direction to reach your goals – both long term and short. We’ll help you embrace constructive conflict, uncover your business’ core values, build shared values and develop strategies for success.

You’ll create a solid strategic vision for the future by:

  • Building a cohesive leadership team
  • Uncovering your true purpose for being in business
  • Creating, communicating and reinforcing clarity around your true purpose with actionable quarterly objectives

Your resulting Competitive Agility Playbook will communicate what the organization intends to achieve and what the role of each person in the organization is in achieving business success.

The Competitive Agility program helped our organization evaluate, unite and communicate our vision and core values. We still use the tools three years later. ~ Jennifer Gibbs, Rehabilitation Partners
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