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Bankruptcy Trustee and Court-Appointed Receiver

Should you extend or call that delinquent loan? Is this business going to recover or would liquidation be better? Can you quickly evaluate whether a business is viable or not?

Craig Dill & Associates can. Our significant experience as a bankruptcy trustee, court-appointed receiver and Certified Fraud Examiner means we quickly come up to speed on even the stickiest business problems. This allows you – the attorneys and courts involved in the case – to make the best decisions with confidence.

With a background in collateral audits for Bank of America and General Electric Credit, we’ve handled difficult and complex cases in days – not weeks or months. We’ve steered multi-million-dollar decisions. We can walk into a company, ask the important questions and know whether the answers are legit, or so much smoke and mirrors.

Bankruptcy Trustee: Stepping in as the owner, a bankruptcy trustee has the authority and ability to find money to repay creditors. As a trustee, he can make informed decisions, recommend actions to the court and then implement them. A Certified Fraud Examiner, Craig Dill can root out and testify to theft, too.

Court Appointed Receiver: A neutral third party appointed by the court, a receiver helps protect a lender from the possibility of misspent revenue or mismanaged property. Within a court’s remit, Craig Dill troubleshoots problems, prioritizes actions and protects the assets.

Real results: Brought in as the bankruptcy trustee for a truck stop, within 6 months Craig Dill identified and fixed significant financial problems, stabilized operations, and readied the property for sale. The property sold for twice the anticipated price.

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