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Business Turnaround Specialist
If your business is in a pickle, call Dill
 Craig Dill

+1 (505) 459-3030

For over 30 years Craig Dill has been resolving thorny financial issues for middle sized businesses.  His specialty is coming up with creative answers to the ugly problems that the world offers up.

An early auditing career gave Mr. Dill a background reviewing commercial credit and exposed him to the numerous possible ways to handle similar situations. In one year, he worked with over thirty different companies. This expertise gives him the ability to walk in the door of almost any business and identify problem areas quickly.

Sometimes, that “problem” is growth! As CFO at ProLaw Software, he worked with the company to implement their very first budgets. The organization became an Inc 500 List of Fastest Growing Company that grew from $2.4 million in sales to $12 million in sales during the twenty-eight months he worked with them.

Sometimes a “problem” arises due to different concerned parties with different agendas being unable to reconcile their views on a subject. In his roles as VP of Finance with Kelly Lumber, Manager of Engineering Support at Basis and CFO at Prolaw Software, Mr. Dill was often called upon to mediate issues between opposing parties. As a consultant, he works to resolve issues between former partners, former employers, creditors, and others finding solutions that are agreeable to both sides.

Sometimes a “problem” is really a PROBLEM. That’s when his core strength of persistence in the face of a adversity comes in to play. A recent client was in the predicament of a 70% drop in sales. The client had already made significant cuts. Mr. Dill devised a creative solution to renegotiate the business’s loans that enabled the company to reduce its’ debt and gave the client a much longer time period to repay that debt. His experience and knowledge as a current Bankruptcy Trustee gives him an insider view on all aspects of the bancruptcy process and the ability to provide unique specialized advice for those considering that option.

Mr. Dill resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (“The Financial Capital of the World”) Where he has earned the moniker of “Toxic Waste Disposal Guy” for his ability to manage and provide positive results for seemingly impossibly contentious situations. He has worked with a diverse group of industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Software Development, Software Implementation and Sales, Building Materials, Construction and Related Trades. When he is not solving the ugly problems of the world, you can find him riding his bike for charity or traveling.

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Leadership Team Performance Facilitator
Jacqueline Gould

+1 (505) 903-3076

Jacqueline is an associate of Craig Dill & Associates helping individuals and organizations create new paths to success. She brings over thirty years of management experience to her work as an organization development consultant, learning and development facilitator, succession plan developer, and coach. She founded VisAct Process Management, a consulting firm, in 1999 and specializes in The Advantage, conflict strategies, succession planning programs, learning strategy, employee engagement / retention and transition coaching.

Armed with her experience as a COO which allows her to appreciate the trials that most businesses face, Jacqueline helps organizations build a workplace of leaders able to address their own challenges successfully while assisting them with their business and transition objectives. Her strengths lie in being able to see the big picture, surfacing and appreciating the needs and focus of end users, and working with them to create leading edge solutions that reflect today and address the future.

Experience in healthcare, retail, hospitality, technologies, not for profit, banking, insurance, utilities, construction, government, security and solar allows her to adapt to any industry quickly.

Jacqueline has a BA and MA in Sociology, and a M. Ed and an Ed. D pending in Adult Education. She has been a Quality New Mexico examiner and editor.

And when she is not working with clients, Jacqueline has her fingers busy as a fiber artist. Her creative time is spent knitting a southwest line of knitwear focused on the Zuni fetishes, making quilts for her great nieces, weaving on one of 3 looms or making jewelry. She enjoys teaching children to sew, knit or many other crafts in which kids love to get involved! Glue anyone?!

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Tax Specialist
 Donna Schmidt

Donna Schmidt, CPA