Retirement Lifestyle Planning

Retirement Lifestyle PlanningRetirement Lifestyle Planning so you get the lifestyle you really want

Retirement lifestyle planning is not on the minds of most Baby Boomers. They have focused all of their attention on their careers and have not given much thought to what they will do for retirement. To stop working without a retirement lifestyle plan often results in boredom, poor health, and strained marriages. Just like a well-developed career, a fulfilling and affordable retirement requires a vision and goals. With a retirement lifestyle plan in place, Boomers can approach the future with excitement and passion rather than fear.

In studies by the University of Michigan, having a purpose in life or a plan for retirement has shown to reduce the risk of stroke by 73%. A study of participants from the Rush Memory and Aging Project demonstrated that having a strong purpose substantially reduced risk of adverse cognitive health outcomes, including the risk of Alzheimer disease.

What kind of life do you want to lead? What are the values that will drive you? What are the opportunities and accomplishments that you want to undertake? Your retirement life chapter is a tremendous opportunity to do new things, go new places, self-actualize and live the life of your dreams.

Maybe you have already started your retirement and it is not what you thought it was going to be or you are a few years out and wondering how to approach it. By working with Switching Gears, you will learn how your values, strengths, passions, and purpose lead to  new paths for successful living while staying true to yourself and leveraging who you are.

The Switching Gears Retirement Lifestyle Process has been developed to help clients determine the ideal path for themselves using our proven tools and methodologies. Through the Switching Gears Retirement Lifestyle Process, we help you enhance your understanding of  yourself, leverage your achievements and who you are, and implement a plan of action that creates new paths to retirement success and fulfillment.