Client: Healthcare practice

Situation: The owners were working almost 24/7, communication was poor and the purpose for the business wasn’t clear. Staff and owners were frustrated and unable to see their way out of their challenges.


  • To have better working relations and communication
  • To reduce the hours owners were working
  • To empower other members of the leadership team
  • To address the negative conflict
  • To manage the workload and be in a position for positive growth


We facilitated four sessions with the leadership team focused on:

  • getting to know each other better to build trust
  • learning about the value of positive conflict to create robust decisions
  • developing their own tools to address re-occurring problems
  • addressing accountability
  • creating a playbook for staff of:
    • the reason why the business was created
    • organizational core values
    • strategies for making decisions
    • what was most important to the business for the next 90 days
    • who was responsible for the actions to achieve the business goal
  • how to use the different types of meetings and their value

Results: The management team now meets every morning by phone so everyone knows what is going on and what needs to be addressed that day. The directors feel empowered to carry out their responsibilities and feel free to hold others accountable as well as themselves.

Staff know why the business was created, what their core values are that they will be measured by, what strategies are used to make decisions, what is most important to the business each quarter, who is responsible for making that happen and what that means to each of their jobs.

The owners are working fewer hours. They are keeping to their core values. Business has improved as a result of what they implemented as what was most important to the business and they are about to determine what they need to address next.