unnamed    Create Your Actionable Strategic Plan

How You Can Improve Your Business Performance By Implementing Your Strategic Plan

Create Your Implementable Strategic Plan

Competitive Agility prepares an organization to respond to day-to-day obstacles to the overall strategic plan while still working to achieve the organization’s goals.  A solid strategic vision of the future with actionable quarterly objectives supports the organization’s long term goals.  Competitive Agility keeps the organization focused on the long term while building the organization’s ability to deal with problems.

Enhance The Cohesiveness Of Your Senior Team

The Competitive Agility program is based on how leaders and teams perform. We focus on the four disciplines that contribute to a healthy organization: building a cohesive leadership team, creating clarity, over communicating clarity and reinforcing clarity. While based on a leadership team performance structure, we customize the retreat to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Building a cohesive leadership team requires trust achieved by learning about team-mates’ history and personality makeup, how they master conflict, achieve commitment, embrace accountability, and focus on results.

Build Clarity In Your Leadership Team And Organization

Clarity is essential to the success of an organization. It involves aligning systems and teams’ performance with the answers to six critical questions:

  • the true purpose for being in business,
  • the organization’s core values,
  • the services or products of the business, and
  • the strategy for success.

The last two questions are key to the immediate period: what is most important for the leadership team to address right now and how will they do that and what are the responsibilities of each of the members in addressing the identified goal.

The leadership team then creates a Playbook. This is a simple communication tool for sharing the answers to the six questions with the rest of the organization. The Playbook ensures that everyone understands what the organization intends to achieve and what the role of each person in the organization is in achieving business success.

Build Accountability

Strategic Success is only possible when the leadership team is accountable to each other.  Competitive Agility builds the leadership team’s internal accountability to each other.  Internal team accountability demonstrates to the organization that the leadership is committed to the success of the strategic plan.  The leadership team’s actions reinforce the commitment to the entire organization.

Achieve Your Desired Business Results

In addition, the leadership team will have a model for:

  • improving leadership team performance,
  • establishing, maintaining and reinforcing clarity within the organization,
  • holding effective meetings,
  • aligning teams and systems with the business goals and
  • a road map for the changes necessary to create a healthy organization.

Getting results is manageable as the leadership team commits to what is most important to the business for as little as thirteen weeks.  This strategy makes seeing results much easier than a five year strategic plan. Using this approach, one client has a system for daily communication, has minimized conflict and has created their own tools for maintaining good relationships within the leadership team. Leadership team performance has become more focused and more productive.