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Do people in your organization feel like they are on their own island, flying blind and working at cross purposes?
Focus your team on your external competition to achieve your business goals.
We bring expertise in business, finance, organization and human management to any challenge you might have.

Senior leaders play more than one role. They are responsible for an area of the business such as finance or operations and they are part of a team that makes business decisions – the leadership team. These roles are very different. As the leader of an area of responsibility, they make the decisions and provide direction. They have the final say in what that department does. As a member of the leadership, their role needs to be collaborative and the final say belongs to the owner or the CEO. Making that transition on a daily basis is challenging for most.

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When a business faces problems responding slowly reduces the opportunities to resolve the core issues facing the business. As time passes potential solutions can become impractical or ineffective. Cash dwindles and losses mount until almost no options remain to resolve the problems. At Craig Dill & Associates we believe in Rapid Remediation of Business Problems. Don’t wait and hope it will go away on its own. Act immediately to evaluate your options and make a plan for correcting the core problem you are facing. Acting promptly will preserve the most options and opportunities for you and allow you to avoid needless losses.

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The best results come from a cohesive leadership team whose members trust one another, value healthy conflict, hold each other accountable, and are committed to the goals of the business as their first priority. They share with their employees every major decision they make and communicate with them frequently. Informed employees get behind the business goals and pitch in to do their part to achieve the business goals.  Our clients are the best testament to how embracing these behaviors lead to the achievement of those goals and business success.

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